Research topics

Topic 1: Supramolecular organic nanochemistry at interfaces

Since its creation at the end of 2006, our team has been very active in the field of supramolecular organic chemistry at interfaces, with the objective of taking advantage of the supramolecular approach as a route to build defined two- and three-dimensional nano-patterned organic networks. We have validated the concept for which complementary H-bonding interactions can serve as powerful and versatile tool for tuning the shape of materials giving access to an enormous number of structurally-organized architectures, mastering their organization from the nanoscale up to the macroscopic level…

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Topic 2: Heteroatom doped π-conjugated scaffoldings

The inorganic mimic of benzene, borazine, first reported by Stock in 1926 possesses a wide energy gap of ~6 eV, although displaying similarity to benzene in both geometry and in formal topology of the π-molecular orbitals. The UV emissive properties of borazine and of its potential oligomeric derivatives make such molecular substrates attractive candidates to be implemented as active layer in UV light-emitting devices (LEDs) where high photon energy is necessary…

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Topic 3: Interfacing supramolecular chemistry with cellular functions

Cellular motility is nowadays well recognized as a key process involved in both physiological and pathological phenomena. In the immune system, an elaborate network of signaling directs leukocytes from the circulation into the surrounding tissue to destroy invading microorganisms and infected cells. In vertebrate adults, cell motility is a critical part of wound healing and tissue repair and it is also critical in disease states where the failure of migratory processes results in chronic inflammatory, vascular diseases, multiple sclerosis …

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Topic 4: Advanced materials based on carbon nanostructures

Focusing on the CNTs-driven activities, our team has developed the first route based on H-bond driven reversible exohedral solubilization/functionalization of multi-walled MWCNTs in apolar organic solvents [J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 15412]. It has been demonstrated that efficient dispersion of CNTs could be obtained through a dynamic combination of self-assembly and self-organization processes involving first the formation of a supramolecular polymer …

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